Notice - Please Read
A couple of things that I'm working on. While it's easy for some to be able to access this website to get the stats that they want to see, I would suspect that others might appreciate getting it in printable .pdf format and e-mailed directly to them so thay could bring it along to their next match and share it with the rest of their team. I've already worked out most of the bugs so if you're interested, send me an e-mail (with your name and team affiliation) to

Also, I'd like to start working on simplifying and explaining some of the rules that we have in this league. Yes, there are a lot and yes some of them are confusing but the point of them is to attempt to even things out between the good and not so good teams without resorting to ratings, innings, handicaps and all sorts of other things that can even get more confusing. This league was and will continue to run on the premise of "play to win" as opposed to "play to screw your opponent into losing".
So the 1st thing that I'd like to try would be for you to participate in some poll questions and let's see how much of a response we get. You can try the poll by clicking HERE.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

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