All - Please Read
As I'm sure that you're all aware by now, there's another league operating out of East Rockaway that took a number of our teams from that area and a couple from this area.
A part of the reason for that was lack of support from our league. As I'm now officially retired and have the extra time, I can and have corrected that. A quick look at the stats for this year and you'll see that it's been kept up to date all season long.
I'd eventually like to get all of the teams back under one roof, so to speak, so that travel distances can be kept to a minimum. There are a couple of teams in that league that are traveling from East Medow to East Rockaway on a pool night. That's way too long a distance to travel on a pool night.
Some quick differences between the two leagues is that they're playing ball-in-hand rules much like the APA. I've played those rules and it's not quite as bad as it seems. While we're keeping our current rules in place (actually condensing and explaining them better) I'm also adding that ball-in-hand rule as an option for any two teams playing against each other that want to use them to hopefully attract some of the other teams back to our league. The other big difference between the leagues is that while they're e-mailing the stats to the league captains, we have a website where everything is posted and up to date by the Sunday after the match.

Now the important part going forward which will ultimately benefit all of the teams regardless of which league you opt for is to let me know before the season starts which league you'll be signing up for. We intend to start this league on the 24th or 31st of January. We will not be taking any odd number of teams because I don't want any teams to have a bye during the season. For that reason and because I'll offer a substantiual discount for teams registering and paying early, I need to be able to contact all of you. I would appreciate it if you could just shoot me a quick e-mail to with your name and cell phone or call/text my cell at (516) 835-1058.

Let's get this next season off without a hitch, without anyone being left out and without anyone having to travel too far to play a match.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

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