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All the scoresheets for week 5 are in. Thank you.

Team Standings

Week #5 Team & Individual through Week #5

Schedule & Scores
Please note the Highlight Colors on the Schedule

New Individual Stats by Team
Individual League Stats for Division #1

Individual League Stats for Division #2

Individual Schedules (corrected on 3/7/18)
New Schedules corrected due to the weather related postponement on 3/7/18 are available for printing below.
Daytona's S.B.'s {Mac}
It's About Time {1} Broadway 247 {2}
Blue Hawaiian S.B.'s {Jim}
It's About Time {2} Broadway 247 {1}
Tack Room {1} Kiley's {Tim}
Tack Room {2} Kiley's {Pat}
Finish Line Crazy Jester's
Again, please text a pic of the scoresheet to (631) 835-4922 and your scores/stats will be updated on here typically by Thursday afternoon.
If you don't include the above number when sending them, they won't be updated until Saturday or possibly later.
Note to All
The Stats posted here are only as accurate and timely as the scoresheets that you send me.
All scoresheets should be sent directly to (631) 835-4922
That is a special number set up specifically for receiving the scoresheets and so that you can get in touch with me on league night (or anytime for that matter) with any issues that you might have.

While you may also want to send them to Laura too, if you don't include me at the number above, I won't get them for a few days after you send them which is why there are only 2 scores posted at this time.
Check back on Saturday night and whetever scores I've received by then will be added on but for the future, if you send your scoresheets directly to me at the above number, I can have the stats updated on here usually by Thursday night (Friday the latest). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Opening Season Note
As I'm sure that you all know another league started last season and took on many of the South Shore Teams.
In one way, it's good because none of our teams will have to travel to East Rocakaway and beyond but it's bad in that it splits resources that could better serve the league's teams/players as a whole.
I personally know the person running that league and many of the reasons that it came to be. I have great respect for Richie, the league that he's running and the reasons that he started that league so I will never say anything bad about him, his league or the teams/players in that league.
What I will try to do since I'm now retired and have a lot of excess time on my hands is to run the best league that I can in the hopes of someday merging with them or attrracting them (and maybe some of the APA teams) back to our league. In order to do that, I'll be providing accurate & timely updates to this webpage to keep you current on your team and individual standings and provide things that other league(s) just can't do yet.
On the links below you can access a copy of the League Scoresheet to print out for your matches.
Also included below is a link so that you can print out an individualized schedule for your team. Not even the APA, BCA or any other leagues can do that yet.
Finally, I've set up a special phone number for you to contact me if necessary and to be able to text a pic of your completed scoresheets to me so that I can update them in a timely manner. By timely I mean that if I can get all of the scoresheet pics by the Thursday following your match, I'll update all of the standings by Friday evening at the latest.
Also, please note that you can call me on that phone on match night with any issues that you might have or call/text me any other time to discuss anything that you want regarding the league, rules, comments, suggestions, etc.
I'm also going to rewrite the rules to make them more concise, easier to understand and give detailed explanations of why they were instituted.
Again, please feel free to call me at (631) 835-4922 with anything you wish to discuss (or complain about) and help me to make this league the best that it can be and enjoyable for all our participants.

Scoresheet Blanks
You can access and print blank scoresheets