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  *** Winter 2019 Season***
Please NOTE that the schedules for Div #2 have now changed!!!!
A new team at Public House 106 will be filling in for the (bye) in Div #2
It's located at 346 Newbridge Rd. in East Meadow just a few blocks north of Kiley's
The full 15 week schedule will be posted later this weekend
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This will be a 15 week season.
We're only posting the 1st - 5 weeks schedule as we may flip some of the teams around for the middle 5 weeks to give you some other teams to play for diversity.
Congratulations to Tack Room {Bob}for winning the Fall 2018 Season from Keiley's {Tim}
It was a hard fought match as they went into the Doubles Round with a 7 to 7 tie.
Free League Advertisements (Click Here)
As a free service to all past & present league players, I'm offering a place for you to advertise whatever services you might provide that others in the league may be in the market for. We all meet up every week (or may have done so in the past) and we probably don't have any idea that someone we've already met or played against may be able to offer a service that we've been looking to hire someone for. For myself, personally, I'd rather deal with someone that I'm familiar with instead of some random name I found in a local paper or on-line ad. It's my belief that others share the same thought . Click the link above for my 1st draft of the Pool League Ads, instructions on how to participate if you're so inclined and yes, some ads.
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That is a special number set up specifically for receiving the scoresheets and so that you can get in touch with me on league night (or anytime for that matter) with any issues that you might have.

While you may also want to send them to Laura too, if you don't include me at the number above, I won't get them for a few days after you send them which is why there are only 2 scores posted at this time.
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Scoresheet Blanks
You can access and print blank scoresheets
The "Shitty" 8-Ball Rule
Well this is how it was described to me last evening by one of the players in the league who had called regarding something other than that rule. What the player did say was that "sometimes it works in your favor while sometimes it doesn't".
What they were referring to is the part of that rule that states that if you don't have a clear shot and you miss, your opponent gets 'ball in hand'.
Yes. It is a 'shitty' rule but it's there because of 'shitty' players that we've had in the past. There was a time long ago when if you played against just about anyone in a bar on Long Island that you played by what were called "Long Island Rules".
An unwritten part of the rules was that you played to win and if you did something like purposely hide your opponent from being able to hit the 8-ball you'd be ostracized from the bar and probably called a lot of names in the process.
Playing to win is a very difficult concept to develop rules around because you have this little thing called "intent". If you took a shot and through no fault (intent) of your own your opponent couldn't hit the 8-ball, your opponent lost the game. No harm, no foul, so to speak.
But then you have those that will opt to purposely hide you from being able to hit the 8-ball so they can win the match because of it. While technically there's nothing wrong with that, it does indeed cause animosity towards the player doing it and we try to do our best in this league to try to make it enjoyable to all. When you have players that try to manipulate the rules to their advantage instead of just playing to win, it takes away from the enjoyment of playing.
To summarize, we can't (because it's impossible to) try to establish "intent" when a player takes a shot. The rule is there as kind of a compromise in an attempt to dissuade a player from winning by purposely hiding you from the 8-ball while realizing that it sometimes happens without the players meaning to do so.
A good deal of my own personal experiences have influenced many of the rules in this league and while impossible to do so, my 'intent' is always to try to make them as fair as possible to all involved and prevent in advance whatever altercations between players that I can.
The bottom line in all of this is that if I can redirect your animosity towards the league for making up a 'shitty' rule as opposed to you being angry at an opponent for hiding you on the the 8-ball, then it's served it's purpose.
In playing a game myself, I get more satisfaction out of winning because I shot a better game than you did as opposed to winning only because I knew or manipulated a rule better than you.
Just my 2 cents.  
The Right Way to Do It !!!!!

So last week there was an issue with interpreting the rule as to how many times a player could shoot in each round. This happened because the captain of the Bwy 247 team had initially told his own players that when you have 5 people, no one could shoot twice. He did that because he wanted to make sure all of his own players would get a chance to shoot when they had more than 4 players. There's nothing wrong with a captain making up his own rules for his own players but he wasn't at the match last week against Blue Hawaiian and a couple of his players thought that it was a league rule. It's not, obviously.
Well things got a little testy between the teams and let's just say that they weren't looking forward to their next match with each other because of the issues they had last week.
Last night the captain of Bwy 247, Cory, and one of his players stopped down at Blue Hawaiian before their match to have a beer, buy a round of drinks for Blue Hawaiian's players and clear the air about what happened last week. Lisa from Blue Hawaiian texted me last night that she thought it was really cool of them to stop down to do what they did and that "everything is peachy again". In Lisa's own words regarding Cory....."Very nice move on his part, standup dude"
I'd like to add that Laura and I are also very appreciative of what Cory did to resolve this situation so that we don't have any issues going forward and now both of these teams can look forward to an enjoyable match when they meet again later on in the season.