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While the storm isn't packing the punch that the weathermen said that it would, it is still snowing as of 4:00 PM and it's predicted to continue until 9:00 PM with high winds.
In the interest of the safety of all of the players involved, tonights matches are officially cancelled.

It is not necessary to call/text myself or Laura to confirm.

Please note that the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off this week meaning that next week, you will be scheduled to play this weeks matches.
New schedules have already been posted here on the website.

My apologies to all the brave ones that really wanted to tackle the weather tonight but it's really not worth anyone getting hurt in an accident trying to make it to their scheduled matches.

May all stay warm, dry and comfortable at home watching TV with their wives, husbands, girl/boy friends or significant others and have a safe evening.