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So here's the deal regarding this latest upcoming and also all future weather "events".

The last thing that we want to do is cancel the scheduled matches but we also don't want to have anyone traveling in unsafe conditions to risk life and limb just to play pool.

Weather is very unpredictable although people make a lot of money attempting to predict it. Right now, no one really knows for sure what the weather will be like on Wednesday until it starts happening.

If there's already accumulated snow on the ground early Wed and the forecast is for more snow and freezing temperatures, we'll make the decision early on Wed to cancel the matches. If there's a possibilty that the snow may stop in time and the roads will be clear , and safe, enough to drive on, we'll delay that decision as long as possible (it's not like you're going to make contingency plans to drive to the city to catch a Broadway play instead of playing pool that night).

Soooo.... unless the weather is so bad that it makes absolutely no sense to play the scheduled matches that evening, the final "go / no go" decision won't be made until 5:00 PM on Wed.

If the weather isn't quite as bad as they're predicting and we don't postpone the matches but you still feel uncomfortable driving to wherever you're scheduled to be, you will not suffer a forfeit "if" you call/text to let us know before 7:00 PM that evening (so that we can alert your opponent and not have them attempting to drive to the bar to meet up with you).

Thank you,