Why do we have to chip-in for the cost of the pool table on match night???


Well, I have received a few complaints about the new rule both from a few players and a few bar owners but most of the people Iíve talked to do understand why itís being done. As with any changes there are always some who arenít going to be happy with it. If I were to make a rule that the bar has to buy the first round of drinks I can guarantee you that Iíd get a call saying ďBut I donít drink. Can the bar just give me the $3.50 instead of the drink?Ē


One of the comments was ďbut I donít eat the foodĒ. Well, my answer is that youíre not paying for the food, youíre paying for the table (and by the wayÖ.did you call ahead to the bar owner to let him/her know that youíre not eating so they donít waste their money making sure that there is food for you if you change your mind??).


The reason for the change is very simple. In order to expand the league (which would ultimately result in different bars to play at and less travel between the bars) I need to make it more attractive to the bar owners. The cost to a bar owner as it stands right now is somewhere between $60 to $75 per night that they sponsor a team. At that price, sponsoring a team is not all that attractive to a prospective sponsor. By dropping that cost to somewhere between $35 to $50 we can surely attract some new bars into the league.


HeyÖhereís a better ideaÖ..why donít I just run the league for free and pay all the expenses out of my own pocket?? That would work, wouldnít it.


Now I do know that some of the bar owners are not going to ask for the $12. Iím certainly not going to force them to take your money. I really donít care if they do or not. Itís not going into my pocket. Itís their prerogative, but if they do request it, itís up to the team captain to collect it from his team and give it to the bartender. There are some that may only collect from the away team. Again, itís their prerogative.


For the last few seasons, itís been difficult to keep the league up to the 48 teams that we have. 48 teams is just above the break even point for me after expenses for printing, postage, awards, administrative fees, etc. For the little that I do make, itís not really worth the aggravation. With more teams, I can make a little profit and youíll ultimately benefit from decreased travel time and more diversified teams to compete against. If I can ever get the league back up to 64 teams, I can afford to reinstate the Gold Conference.


The bottom lineÖ..$3.00 is chump change for getting to hang out with your teammates for a few hours, have a couple of drinks, eat some free food and play a few games of pool. If you have more than 4 players on your team, itís even less than that. If you canít afford the $3.00, I would suggest that you find a less expensive league (donít bother looking because there are none).