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Winter 2024 Final Standings & Playoff Schedule Posted

*** Summer 2023 Season ***
Team & Individual Standings
Final Stats Posted
Playoffs Schedule posted
Finals Match will be played at Gentry's
on Wed 8/30/23 @ 8:00 PM
Dawg Pound {Maureen}

Harmony {John}


*** Congratulations ***
Gentries {Mr. Beery's) won Gentries {John}
for the Winter 2023 Championship

***** NOTE *****

This website is provided as a courtesy to the players in the league.
It takes me about 20 minutes per week to do all of the stats and publish them here if I don't have to go tracking down missing scoresheets so ... in addition to sending a pic of the sheet to Laura each week, please also send a copy directly to me.
If you have any questions or concerns about the league, schedules, teams, players, rules, etc. please contact Laura.
If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of what's posted on this website, contact me directly.
John (516) 835-1058
















Congratulations to Tack Room {Bob} for finishing in
1st place over Keiley's {Tim}
in the Fall 2018
























A couple of things that I'm working on. While it's easy for some to be able to access this website to get the stats that they want to see, I would suspect that others might appreciate getting it in printable .pdf format and e-mailed directly to them so thay could bring it along to their next match and share it with the rest of their team. I've already worked out most of the bugs so if you're interested, send me an e-mail (with your name and team affiliation) to john@thepoolleague.com.

Also, I'd like to start working on simplifying and explaining some of the rules that we have in this league. Yes, there are a lot and yes some of them are confusing but the point of them is to attempt to even things out between the good and not so good teams without resorting to ratings, innings, handicaps and all sorts of other things that can even get more confusing. This league was and will continue to run on the premise of "play to win" as opposed to "play to screw your opponent into losing".
So the 1st thing that I'd like to try would be for you to participate in some poll questions and let's see how much of a response we get. You can try the poll by clicking HERE.























                              Congratulations to Tack Room {1} for finishing 1st in the Fall 2017 League and
Kiley's {Tim} for coming in 2nd

Congratulations to Kerryman's {Frank} for taking 1st Place in the finals vs TNT at Waitstill's this past Wednesday

Final Team Standings,
Playoff Schedule Week #3  & 
Week #14 Individual Standings Posted
(Still missing a couple of sheets)



Summer Season Playoff Results

Congratulations to Carlos from Sport Billiards {Paul} for winning 1st place in the Double Elimination Tournament for his team last night. He won 7 games straight without a loss to secure the win. Don from T.N.T. secured 2nd place for his team and Billy took 3rd place for his team Peppers.
I walked into Sport Billiards at about 7:30 last night, bought a beer and never found the time to finish it. There were a few issues with things getting out of order in the beginning but we worked them through. Only having 2 tables to play on and split at different ends of the pool hall didn't help either but we made it through and most of the feedback was positive. Learned a few things and I did take some of the suggestions seriously so for the next time, I'll do better. Finding a place with 3 tables would help even more. Madeline was playing exceptionally well last night and had a fan club cheering behind her. She's going to win one of these tournaments outright one day. Special thanks to Danny who "took one for the league" and had to play an extra game (which he lost) because of a screw-up I made with the schedule. Also special thanks to Tony M (from Sport {TM}) for jumping in on his own and helping out with running the tourney. Cost me a few drinks but I definitely got the better part of that deal. Thanks also to the owner of Sport Billiards, Carlos, for letting me use his place and supplying food for everyone during the tournament. My thanks to all who showed up. Thanks for the suggestions and positive comments (the negative ones too) and let's get the Fall Season started on time this Wed.

As of now we're locked in with 32 teams in 4 divisions. There's another team that just called today to get in but unless we can get 7 more, we'll have to stick with what we have. I'd rather stick to the 32 without any "byes" than to spread thin and have off days during the season. The only holiday this season is the Wed before Thanksgiving. We'll probably only have the top 16 teams in the playoffs and the last playoff game (maybe the last two) will have to be moved to another day besides a Wed to accommodate getting the Winter Season started on time. Again it's a matter of having maybe 40 teams start playing in a new season right away or having them all wait an extra week or two while 4 teams finish up their season. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
If anyone knows of any teams that still want to play, have them call before Saturday and there's the possibility (but no guarantees) that we can get them in.

I'm looking forward to having a great Fall season and good luck to all in it.

Summer 2015 Season Starting Wed 7/15

A little more about me, my goals and how I'd like to help with the league.
First off...rumors that I'm taking over aren't true. Laura is in charge but I do have a lot of influence with her.
For those of you that don't know me, I was involved in and ran the league for about 20 years before other issues (to be explained at a later time) compelled me to give it up.
My goals...
Communication - there is already a Facebook page where we can all interact, post whatever anyone wants to about their games or anything else and that I can use to interact with everyone, explain rules, etc. and have an open forum of communication. Search Facebook for the "Long Island Pool League". Like it. Add it. Whatever, and let's get it started.
Restore the Individual Stats - a lot of people have been asking me about this and I'm going to rewrite the programs to get it done. Things have changed since I first started with the league when people used to complain that they didn't want to spend a quarter on the pay phone in the bar to call in their scores (Yes. The league and I are that old). Going forward I intend to have a special number set up so that at the end of the match, both team captains will take a pic of the scoresheet and text it over. We'll work out the details later but this is the way I'd like to go with this.
Consistency - I want to be able to set up the seasons so that everyone knows what's going on and when every season will start. As of now, we're going to run a short summer season and then get back on track with the Fall season starting on September 9th. Registrations will be due no later than the week before. Now you know (and you will be reminded) so if you miss it? We'll miss you that season.
Expansion - Purposely left this for last. There certainly aren't near as many bars as when we had 128 teams in 16 divisions of 8 so we'll never get there again but in reality with the programs that I've written to do the schedules and keep track of the stats, it's actually easier to run with more teams. Why I left this for last? If we do well with my first three goals, this one will take care of itself.

Go to Facebook. "Long Island Pool League". Let's get this going!!!!

The Final Playoff match between Lisa's and Kerrymen's {Frank} will be held this Wed, July 1st at the Bold O'Donoghue in Oceanside.

On another note.... I, John Wilson, have decided to get more involved in the running of the league. I'm going to work in concert with Laura to try to revitalize and expand it as much as possible. It's a difficult job and Laura has been pretty much doing it by herself for the last few years. I intend to bring back the individual stats, modify/explain some of the rules and ultimately communicate more openly with and among the players in the league.




















Welcome to the Winter 2011 Season

Many bars have many requests, most of them being �I do not want to play this bar� and �I need to be in the same division as that bar�.  We do our best to accommodate everyone, however some requests cannot be accommodated without travel. It�s difficult to make everyone happy all the time as well as have all 48 teams get along. Please understand that we do try to accommodate your requests, but there may be other issues preventing us from honoring your request as well as the bar owners request will take precedence over yours.

Remember if it were not for the bar owners sponsoring your team, you would not be playing pool.  We do ask that we make these wonderful, supportive, understanding and GENEROUS bar owners that sponsor your team as well as the other 47 teams in the league HAPPY.

On another note, we have received many requests over the seasons for us to DO / DO NOT mail standings to the bars.  This past season, we did not mail anything unless you requested it.  We ask that you Call, Text, E-mail or Scream Really Loud so that we can hear ya if you would like standings mailed weekly to the bar.  As always, what is on the web is more up to date than what is mailed. Again, to mail the standings out, is not cost savings technique for us, but more of a waste of time and stamps etc as many bars have stressed they do not want them mailed or they just don�t get them so there is no need to mail them.  Please let us know if you would like them mailed.  If we do not hear from you, your home bar will not receive the standings via mail each week.
Good Luck to you all (but more to us for dealing with you) 
Your wonderful and outstanding and most of all forgetful league operators;
Laura         &                Kim

(631) 921-5582                                        (516) 233-5563

Winter 2010 Season Finals

Pool House {Nash} - 1st Place
Pool House {JC} - 2nd Place

Fall 2009 Season Finals
Tack Room - 1st Place
Purple Frog - 2nd Place

The Fall 2009 Season Welcome letter from Laura is copied below:

 Hopefully this season will get off to a good start.   For those of you who do not know me, I am Laura.  I have been involved with the league for a number of years working with both Carlos and John.  I am looking to improve the league to make it better for everyone, but your help is needed too.


The standings and any info you get in the mail are never as up to date as what you can access on the web site.  I will make everything available for you to view and print right off of the web, however each week the standings that I have as of Friday night will be mailed to the sponsored bar.  The standings will be updated frequently on the web and anything printed off the web will be more up to date that whatever is received at the sponsored bar.   Team standings will not be mailed to the team captains unless prior arrangements have been made through me. Also, please note the rule about the winning team forfeiting a point for not calling in their scores; I WILL enforce this season (probably one of the only rules I will enforce all season, LOL).


A big question that I hear a lot is �Why do we have to chip-in for the cost of the pool table on match night?� This was not my idea, but I do agree with it.  The reason for this league is to bring business into the bar on a typically slow bar night and as I do work in a bar I am in complete agreement with it for the reasons that it was instituted.  There have been a few complaints the league has received about this rule from a few players and a few bar owners but most of the people understand why it�s being done. As with any changes there are always some who is not going to be happy with it.  If I were to make a rule that the bar has to buy the first round of drinks I can guarantee you that I�d get a call saying �But I don�t drink. Can the bar just give me the $3.50 instead of the drink?� The reason the rule was put into place is very simple. In order to expand the league (which would ultimately result in different bars to play at and less travel between the bars) I need to make it more attractive to the bar owners. Now I do know that some of the bar owners are not going to ask for the $12. I�m certainly not going to force them to take your money. It�s their prerogative, but if they do request it, it�s up to the team captain to collect it from the team and give it to the bartender/bar owner on the night of play. There are some that may only collect from the away team. Again, it�s their prerogative.


For the last few seasons, it�s been difficult to keep the league up to 48 teams. 48 teams is just above the break even point for me after expenses for printing, postage, awards, administrative fees, etc. For the little that is made, it�s not really worth the aggravation, and as most of you know, I will not let the league aggravate me.  With more teams, you�ll ultimately benefit from shorter travel time and more diversified teams to compete against. If I can ever get the league back up to 64 teams, I can afford to reinstate the Gold Conference, but as in the past seasons, I will do my best to group the better teams locally so there are no blowouts.


I am here for you and do answer 90% of all my phone calls.  If I do not answer and you leave a message, I will call you back.  John will be around to help me out with the league and to keep the website updated, however he will not be reachable.  One of the main reasons John has left the league is that there is a lot of BS involved and I do not blame him.  I will not tolerate any BS.  I have a bigger set of balls than he does. Everything is spelled out to you in the rules, and what is not spelled out, I will answer.  One last thing I will enforce this season (prior the season starting) is that �All league fees are due for your team to be entered into the league�.  I am available to pick up money or it can be dropped off or mailed at anytime prior to the registration deadline.  I look forward to your continued support and an improved league.  Please call me with any questions or concerns (631-921-5582).  All the best for a successful 2009 Fall Season!!!!


John asked me to add the following:

While I won�t be actively involved in the day to day operation of the league I am committed to helping Laura run the league better than I could run it these past few years. I just don�t have the enthusiasm that I had 10 or 20 years ago when the league started. Laura lives and breathes the pool league (and she does have a bigger set of balls than me) and that�s what the league needs to survive (as there is really not a lot of profit to be made).


Winter 2009 Season
Final Team Standings are posted
Final Individual Standings are posted 
Gold Conference winner is Purple Frog {FF}
Silver Conference winner is Tack Room {1}
Overall Winner (Gold & Silver) was The Purple Frog

The Double Elimination Tournament was help at The Pool House on Sunday May 17th. The winners of the tournament were:
1st Place - Gregg Spano - St. Stephen's {BS}
2nd Place - Keith Aiello - Bold O'Donoghue {2}
Steve Nash - Pool House {NTZ}

Notes on the status of the league. 
Laura is moving into being the prime manager, president, owner or whatever you call it of the league. I'll be stepping back and be responsible for providing her with the customized programs that I've developed to manage and run the league and will be responsible for the upkeep of the website. The break this summer will allow me to close out everything from the past seasons (trophies, awards, etc.) so that she can start fresh this Fall. To be honest, I've lost interest in running the league and I believe it's time for someone who is more enthusiastic about managing it to take over. Laura has been involved with the league for many years now and will be a perfect replacement to take over and hopefully expand the league and make it better. Although I'll be in the background, I'll be doing my best to help her manage and run it better than I ever could by myself.

Posted 5/3/09
Final team standings and playoff schedules are posted. Playoff seeding was determined strictly by point average with 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, etc. The winners of the Gold and Silver Conferences will win Satin League Jackets. At the end of the playoffs, the winners from the Gold & Silver will play each other to win an upgrade to the leather jackets.
Note that there is not enough time to fit a summer session in because this season was pushed back because of the holidays (Christmas and New Years) and because of late registrations. The Fall Season will begin on time the 1st Wednesday after Labor Day (Sept 9th).

Posted 4/28/09
Tomorrow (Wed 4/29)  is the last week of the season. Playoffs will start next Wed (5/6). All of the Gold Conference teams are eligible for the playoffs (with the exception of one that forfeited out and one for non-payment of league fees). The top 4 teams from the Silver conference (no wild cards) are eligible for the playoffs except those that forfeited their last away game of the season. Playoff schedules will be posted on the website this Saturday evening. 

Posted 4/7/09

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted. I was out of town for the last week

Posted 3/28/09
Apologies for the voicemail filling up on Wed night. It's fixed now.

Posted 3/7/09
Individuals up to week #4 are posted. Laura's still working on week #5. We should be all caught up by next week.

Posted 2/16/09
Apologies......due to a death in the family the team standings were not mailed out last week and due to the Monday holiday, they probably won't get to the bars by Wed this week. I'm hoping to have everything back to normal next week. I appreciate your understanding and again, my apologies.

Posted 1/5/08

We had 32 players participate in the Double Elimination Tournament yesterday. In the end, Pool House {NTZ} ran away with 1st (Nash), 2nd (Tezi) and 3rd (Billy) place.
The Winter 2009 Season begins on Wed 1/28. registration forms are available via the link on the left. Please register (and pay the fees) early so that I can get the season started on time.

Posted 12/22/08
Reminder that the Double Elimination Tournament will take place at 2:00 PM on January 4th at The Pool House. All trophies and plaques for this (and past) seasons will be available at the tournament.
The 1st week of playoffs will begin on January 7th. Playoff schedules will be posted here by the end of this week. All the teams eligible for the playoffs are highlighted in yellow on the team standings sheet. Please take note that while the top 6 teams and 2 wildcards were supposed to be eligible, the 6th team in division 6 was excluded because they forfeited their last away game of the season.

Posted 12/16/08
Okay, so I've been alerted that the Feb 1st date below happens to be Superbowl Sunday and we definitely won't be scheduling the playoffs for that day. The following weekend is no good because of an APA tournament at the Pool House. It's back to the drawing board.

Posted 12/14/08
Unfortunately since we got a late start on the season and since both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve fall on a Wednesday, the playoffs won't start until January 7th. That also means that the earliest that I can start the Winter 2009 Season will be January 28th. So here's how the playoffs will work. Since it will be such a long time between the last week of this season and the beginning of the next season, 32 teams in the Silver Conference (top 6 in each of 5 divisions and 2 wild cards) will be eligible for the playoffs. That will give more teams a chance to play at least once between the end of this season and the beginning of the next. All 8 teams in the Gold Conference are also eligible for the playoffs. At the end of the 3rd week of the playoffs, there will be 4 Silver teams left. For those that remember, I did say that I would create a 2nd Gold Conference Division for the next season. If at all possible, those 4 teams will automatically be in that 2nd Gold Conference Division and will start their next season on Wed 1/28 with what will be the 1st game of that season and also the semi-final game of  this season. I will adjust the schedule so that the home team for that match will be the one that had the highest point average this season. Their final playoff match for the Silver Conference will be at The Pool House an Sunday. February 1st at 1:00 PM. The winner of that match will be the winner of the Silver Conference and each team member (that has played at least 25 regular season singles games) will be awarded at least a Satin League Jacket. At the conclusion of that game (approximately 3:00 PM) the winner of that match and the winner of the Gold Conference will play for the League Championship and an upgrade to the Wool/Leather League Jackets. For the upcoming season, the other 4 teams for the 2nd Gold Conference Division will come from the top teams in the Silver Conference so if you finished 1st or 2nd in the regular season of the Silver, you have a very good chance of being placed in the Gold Conference next season.
Playoffs for the Gold Conference will be as follows: All 8 teams make the playoffs. Their final match will take place on Wednesday, January 21st. If one of the finalists is not a bar from the Pool House, the match will be played at a neutral bar of the leagues choice. If both teams are from the Pool House, the final match will be played at The Pool House. The final match between the Gold and Silver Conference will be played at approximately 3:00 on Sunday February 1st. 
Final Note: There will be a Double Elimination Tournament at The Pool House on Sunday, January 4th at 2:00 PM. All of the plaques/trophies from this (and previous) seasons will be there. Anyone can win but "you have to be in it to win it". We have up to 5 tables to use so the tournament will run smoothly no matter how many people show up to play. 

Posted 9/14/08
Note: We're not making up rules just to try to annoy or confuse anyone. Our intent is to even the playing field (in lieu of handicaps) so that the weaker teams might have a better chance of advancing in the playoffs. Please keep this in mind and work with us to get it right and make it fair for all.
The following rule has been reworded and moved to the top of the rule sheet. This is probably the most important rule in the league:
"The team captains may agree to modify any of the �Supplementary Playing Rules� rules before the match begins. In the absence of any prior agreements between the captains, the league rules will take precedence."
Amended: The "shoot again" rule does not apply to the break or when shooting the 8 ball.
Added: If a team places a player on the scoresheet who shouldn�t be able to play in a particular set, it is the responsibility of the opposing team to alert them and have that player replaced with a player who is eligible to play in that set. If nothing is said and the player starts the game, the game will count towards the team points but will not be included in the individual standings for the ineligible player.
Added: If you commit a foul and as a result of that foul your opponent is left with only the 8-Ball left to shoot at, your opponent will be awarded Ball-in-Hand.

Posted 9/11/08
Note!!! All New rules!!!! Please disregard all of the old ones.
Show up at the bar every week (any bar and anytime you want) and wait for the other team to show up. If you do happen to be there at the same time they are, play a few games. They can play their rules and you can play yours (it really doesn't matter). Don't bother calling in the scores or sending in the sheets (this way I can just pick out of a hat who wins the prize at the end of the season).
Works for me. Whaddya' think??

Posted 9/9/08
Team packages (schedules, scoresheets, envelopes, rules, welcome letter, etc.) have been delivered to every bar except Point Break, BC's and The Pool House. These will be delivered tomorrow. There are a few rule changes this season. Read the welcome letter (that's also included in your team package) for a quick summary of the changes. There's also information about the playoffs, Gold Conference, etc. Laura and I will be calling all the team captains today and tomorrow to make sure that everyone knows where they're playing. If you find out where you're playing on this site, send me an e-mail or leave a message on the league phone (to save us a call).
Congratulations to the Island Park Ale House for winning the Summer 2008 Season Championship over Pool House {CC}.

Posted 9/8/08

Schedules for the Fall 2008 Season are posted.
Team packages will be delivered tomorrow.
If you do see your schedule here, please e-mail me (or leave me a message) to save me the phone call (I do have a lot of them to make).

Posted 8/30/08

Well, Laura, Richie and myself did my best to get everything started on the 3rd but that's not going to happen. There are 44 teams registered (I need 4 more to fill the last division). Also with the holiday weekend there just wouldn't be enough time to get everything delivered and make sure that everyone is ready to play. So the season will start on Wed, Sept. 10th. To see if your team is registered, please click HERE. If you're not registered and want to play, the last 4 openings are on a 1st come, first served basis.
The final playoff match between Pool House {CC} and Island Park Ale House will take place this Wed. Sept 3rd at St. Stephen's in Valley Stream at 8:30 PM. (Would have been at The Pool House but since one of the Pool House teams is in the finals, it was moved to a neutral bar). Come down and watch these two teams battle it out for 1st place Wednesday evening.

Posted 8/18/08
Still not getting a lot of feedback on registrations for the upcoming season (which is the norm). 
To see if your team is registered, click HERE. (Updated 8/21/08) Because of the holidays this year we will have to start on Sept 3rd, with or without your team. If you're not shown as "Committed" or "Registered" please contact me as soon as possible to let me know if you want to play.

Posted 8/8/08
Final standings are in. Top 16 teams make the playoffs. Those colored in yellow are in the playoffs. Playoff schedule will be posted tomorrow evening (after I verify the posted scores against the scoresheets).
New season starts Sept 3rd. Get those registration forms in to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Posted 8/4/08
The last week of the Summer 2008 Season. The top 2 teams in each division and 2 wild cards will make the playoffs. Playoffs start on Wed 8/13. There will only be 2 teams left in the playoffs by the 3rd week (8/27). The final playoff match will take place on Sunday 9/7 @ 6:00 PM at The Pool House (unless one of the Pool House teams is in the final two). The Fall 2008 Season will begin on Wed September 3rd. The season has to start on time because both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve fall on a Wednesday this year (along with the fact that we traditionally skip the Wed before Thanksgiving too). Registration forms are available by clicking HERE or the link to the left. In order to start the season on time an create a Gold conference (to group teams by talent and make it more competitive for all), please get your registration forms in as soon as possible.

Posted 6/4/08
Well, the Summer Season is about to get under way. A new division was added and some teams were juxtaposed to limit travel distances. There are 3 new teams this season; Rigby's, Johnny Malone's (aka Lily Flanagan's) & Black Shamrock (aka Cahoots/Triple Play/Harp). Pool House {NTZ} is now Doc's {NTZ}. J. Farrell's {2} is now Waitstill's. A couple of the J. Farrell's {2} players started a new team out of J.C. Walker's. Bongo's, The Railroad, B.C.'s and J. Farrell's {1} are taking the summer off.
New schedules will be sent out for Divisions #3, #5 & #7. The schedules that appear here on the web site are correct. I believe we contacted everyone to let them know where they're playing tonight. Let's hope all goes well tonight (and for the rest of the season).

Posted 6/2/08
The 11th hour. Schedules are made, printed and almost all delivered. Season is due to start in less than 48 hours and guess what?? My phone starts ringing with more teams that forgot to register along with two new teams. Soooooo.......new schedules will need to be made up and mailed for division #3 (for all those except Shamrock in div #3, you're schedule for the 1st week unchanged for week #1 but you will get new schedules mailed to you next week). Bottom line is that there is now another division. Boston Garden & The Office are back in and I need to to go crazy making sure everything is set up for Wed. It really would be nice to get all the registrations in by the deadline but I'm sure that will never happen.

Posted 6/1/08

Schedules are now posted for the Summer 2008 Season. Two teams (Boston Garden & The Office) didn't make it in due to late registrations. For the summer season the schedules were made up with the emphasis on travel distances and not team strength. It's a short season. Have fun and stay safe.
I am expecting to have enough teams this fall to reinstate a Gold Conference. Where your team placed in the last two (and this summer) season will determine which conference that you're ultimately placed in next season.

Congratulations to Pool House {NTZ} for winning the Winter 2008 Season. Island Park Ale House finished 2nd.

Posted 5/29/08
There are 36 teams now registered for the Summer Season so we'll be able to get everything under way this coming Wed. Schedules will be posted here by Sat night (possibly earlier) and we'll be delivering the packages of scoresheets, envelopes, etc. probably on Monday & Tuesday. This being the summer league, I'm trying to set up the divisions based on travel distances instead of team strength. It's a short season (10 weeks) so let's have some fun and leave the killer instincts for the upcoming Fall & Winter Season. We will have a Gold/Silver Conference this coming Fall.

Posted 5/27/08
The start of the Summer 2008 Season has been delayed by a week due to late registrations. Yes, I know that I should just start with whatever teams did register but then it would end up costing me more than the fees I would collect and it would be even more difficult to keep the travel distances to a minimum. As of this past Friday evening (when I should have been making up the schedules and getting everything ready), I only had 24 teams. I figure that after paying Laura to do the stats and mailings, postage, envelopes, scoresheets, trophies, plaques, jackets, paper, ink, toner, etc., it would have cost me about $500 more than I would have collected. I was very close to canceling the Summer season altogether (while I don't care about how much I profit from this league, I really can't see putting up with the aggravation and losing money besides). Right now, I'm sitting with about 34 teams (enough to offset the league costs and make a small profit) and as soon as I can find 2 more I'll get everything ready. 
So who did register on time? By register, I mean send in a registration form and pay the fees?? Tina from Shamrock (she's always the first) and S.B.'s. The rest were just phone calls (meaning that I'm going to have to "make arrangements" to get the league fees (oops...I forgot to add fuel costs into the league expenses)). Okay, I'm done venting for the moment. 
Since the season has been pushed back a week, I was able to schedule the final game of the playoffs between Pool House {NTZ} and Island Park Ale House on Wed 5/28/08. The match will take place at Bold O'Donoghue in Island park. There's plenty of room to watch so stop by tomorrow night.
One final note....there's a major rule change this coming season necessitated by those teams that insist on adapting APA strategies to this league. This is a "play to win" league. When you have 6 balls on the table and your opponent only has one, the idea is sink all 6 of your balls and the 8 ball like a true sportsman would, not continually bury your opponent until he/she fouls out and loses. The following rule (being instituted this season) has been used in professional 8 ball before. Ironically, it was instituted because people thought it boring to watch 8-ball on TV where players continually made defensive shots instead of just trying to win the match. It also helped to speed up the game (something we could all  appreciate on a Wednesday evening). The rule..............
On any missed shot (legal or otherwise), your opponent has the option of having you continue your turn (shoot again).
The idea behind this is very simple. For the most part it won't make a difference in most of the games that are played but....when you're up against that player who is hell bent on hiding you until you foul out, he/she will be forced to play to win. 

Posted 5/3/08
Again I want to remind everyone of the Double Elimination Tournament on May 18th at The Pool House at 2:00 PM. If you participated in the league this past season, you are eligible to play in the tournament. Anyone can win. All the trophies/plaques for this season (and prior seasons) will be there.
Final individual standings are posted. Sorry for the delay but I needed to get all the sheets before posting them and as it was very close for the top overall shooter this season. Congratulations to Chuck Guaritano from Pool House #3 who finished with the highest average in the league. Congratulations also to Frank Freeman from the Railroad with the most runouts (11). There was a huge disparity in the number of runouts/8-on-breaks between the divisions (Frank was the one that pointed it out to me). Divisions #2 thru #6 had a total of 56 runouts/8-on-breaks. Division #1 had 96. By the way, the record for runouts/8-on-breaks was set close to 20 years ago by Tom McCloud who had 18 of them in one season.
On another note.....since the Summer season doesn't start until the 28th of May, only the final two teams will have to play on a Sunday. The final match will take place at The Pool House (unless one of the Pool House teams is in the finals) on Sunday June 1st at 6:00 PM. 

Posted 5/1/08
Week #1 of the playoffs went off without a hitch. Purposely didn't make the courtesy calls but it looks like all of you found out where you were playing by the schedule on this website. It's now just after midnight on match night and the playoff schedule for week #2 is already posted.

Posted 4/19/08
I don't know why but some of you are getting a little lax in calling in the scores?? Playoffs start on Wed April 30th. The top 5 teams in each division (plus 2 wild cards) make the playoffs. Any scores not called in by the time I make up the playoff schedule will result in 0 points for both teams. Any postponed games that are not made up will result in a forfeit for the team that postponed. 
Summer Season?? Haven't made a decision on a start date yet. It will be a 10 week season though.
Double Elimination Tournament?? 5/18 at The Pool House (2:00 PM). Free practice that day from 1:00 PM until the start of the tournament. 

Posted 4/14/08

Note the name change to the league. Originally (20 + years ago) the league started out as the "Nassau Bar Pool League".  About 8 years after that, it was changed to the "Long Island Pool League". When Carlos took it over (about 6 years ago) , he changed it back to the "Nassau Bar Pool League". In an effort to expand the league (beyond Nassau County) and because I like the way it sounds, the league name is being changed again to the "Long Island Pool League".

Posted 4/1/08
Rule clarification - The rules state that  "one player may play twice in only one of the singles sets". That rule is in there because you need to have a minimum of 4 players to play the match and if you have only 3 players, you'll end up forfeiting 3 of the singles games (and one of the doubles matches). Now as sometimes happens, a team will let it's opponent play with only 3 players or they'll make a mistake and schedule someone to play more than 4 times. In the absence of a protest, the matches will stand as played. But what happens to the singles games? It's not fair to allow someone to play more than 4 singles games while everyone else is limited to 4. Here's how it works. When a player plays more than 4 games in a match, the first 4 that he/she was "eligible" to play are counted towards that players individual stats and the remainder are counted as "ineligible" (but counted towards the overall team score). Example: Gary plays 2 games in the 1st set, 2 in the 2nd set and 2 in the 3rd set. Both games in the first set are counted towards his individual stats. Since he was only eligible to play one game in each of the last two sets, only the 1st game of each of those sets is counted towards his individual stats. It does not matter which are wins or losses. When he played that 1st game in the 2nd set, he was eligible to play and it counts for him. He wasn't supposed to play that 2nd game in the 2nd set so the game does not count towards his individual stats. The same goes for the 3rd set.
In doing the individuals this week, I just came across two sheets where a player played more than 4 singles games (yes, one of them was named Gary). The method described above is how it's been done for the last 20 years in this league and how it will continue to be done.  

Posted 2/21/08
All the scores for week #5 have been called-in and posted here. Week #4 Individual stats have been updated (added a few missing sheets) and everything is printed and ready to be mailed to the bars so you'll have it in time for your next match. This is the way it's supposed to work. I'm still missing a few of the scoresheets for weeks #1 thru 4. Take a look at the team schedule and note the color codes. If your match isn't highlighted with a color it means that I don't have that scoresheet. If you have it (or a copy) mail it in as soon as possible. Remember that in order to be eligible for any individual awards, all your scoresheets must be submitted (I can't let anyone leave out that one week that you may have gone 0 for 4 for the night). You can expect the individuals for week #5 to be posted no later than this Tue (if I have your scoresheet).
A little note on what that word "preliminary" means in reference to the Team Standings. What it means is that the standings that are posted are based solely on the scores that were called-in. People have been known to make mistakes when calling in the scores. If you see a score that's wrong, don't be overly concerned about it. Yes, you can call in the correction but when I do the individual stats from the actual scoresheets, the program that I created will match the individuals to the scores that were called- in. The scoresheet itself is the determining factor as to what the correct score is and the Team Standings will be corrected to match what's on the scoresheets.
By the way...............I still have no idea who "Danny" is????

Posted 2/19/08
Getting back to my 2/13 post about not being a mind reader......Courthouse {1}...for weeks #1 thru #3 they had a "Dan" and a "Danny" playing each week. No names or signatures on the back of the sheet. I could have gone through the season without a problem if they had kept it like that.........but...........in Week #4 on the front of the sheet they listed a "Dan M." & a "Dan S." and they signed the back of the sheet also. So who the hell is is "Danny"?!?!?!?! I have NFI (no idea). Soooooo....until someone on that team takes the time to give me a detailed explanation of who was who and when who played, anyone on that team with the name of Dan (or Danny) just won't be included in the individual stats.

Posted 2/14/08
All the scores are in by Thu night and I'm able to post your standings already (and start printing them out for mailing in time for next weeks match). This is the way it's supposed to be. A win-win for all.
Some other news.....I going through the individuals, I think we broke a record in Week #1. In the J. Farrell's {1} vs Railroad match there were a total of 8 runout/eight-on-break games between the two teams. Surprisingly, Railroad had 5 of them and still lost the match by one point to J. Farrell's.

Posted 2/13/08
Was able to get weeks #1 & #2 individuals posted. Should have week #3 posted later tonight. Please note that somewhere on the scoresheet (preferably the back) you should print your name legibly so that I know who the heck you are. Also note that I'm not a mind reader. I can already see some problems that'll make it difficult to accurately post your standings. There are a few teams out there with duplicate names. For example there's a team out there with a Mike H. and a Mike K. Now I know from experience that I'll get a scoresheet from them where one of the Mike's doesn't show and the scoresheet will only show "Mike" with nothing on the back to tell me which Mike it is. I have another team with a Dan & a Danny. I know the same thing is going to happen with that team too. Please always sign in on the back of the scoresheet and if you have two (or more) people with the same first names, always put their initials next to their name on the face of the scoresheet (even if only one plays that night). Thank you.
Another important note........
I can't enter your individual standings if I don't have your scoresheets. Missing scoresheets are the main reason that people get dropped from the individual standings sheets because I don't show them as having the minimum number of games played. Before you call the league to ask why you're not included in the individual standings, please check to make sure that I have your scoresheets for all the weeks that you played. There is a real easy way to do this. If you check the "Weekly Scores" on the website, there's a color code that shows the status of the scoresheets. If your score is highlighted in green, it means that I do have the scoresheet for that match and it was entered into the individual standings. If the score is not highlighted with a color then I do NOT have the scoresheet for that match.

Posted 2/7/08

Well it seems like a lot of people read the rule about calling in the scores within 24 hours. I actually had all of them by 2:00 PM today. What that means is that you can now see the scores here by Thursday evening and I can actually get the sheets printed and ready to be mailed so that you'll have them at the bar by this Wed. So all is good with that, so far.
I should have the individual standing (including week #3) on the web site by this Tuesday.
I'm not getting many complaints about chipping-in $12.00 per team so that seems to be working well too. Funny but the teams that are known to spend a lot of money at the bar on match night are calling me to ask who they should give it to and the teams that typically spend less than $20/team on match night are complaining about it. Go figure?!?!? 
Let me tell you what I'm finding out from all this.......contrary to what some teams may think.....pool night is not a "free meal". The bars are in this to make money. I'd like to make some too but unless I get more teams, I'm just keeping my head above water right now. The teams that typically spend a lot of money when they play pool on Wed night and are generous with their tips aren't complaining at all. Those that are looking for that "free meal" and some free pool games without spending more than $5.00 (including their tip) are the ones that are complaining the most. Why doesn't that surprise me? What's the deal here???? Does anyone really think that a bar should pay me $23, pay $27 to $36 for the table and then buy your team $20 worth of pizza so that you can walk in with your soda, stiff the barmaid, eat 2 or 3  slices of pizza and play pool for free?????  Are you that cheap that $3.00 (or less) per week is going to impact your budget that much that you can't afford it?!?!?!?
Let me be very blunt about this. Those same teams that are complaining about having to chip-in the $12.00 / team are the reason that we had to institute a rule like this in the first place. 
If you do have a complaint about having to chip-in a few bucks every week to play in the league, don't waste your time complaining to the bar owner, barmaid, your team players or the other team. Call me. Complain all you want. I'll be happy to listen to you and pacify you while thinking to myself what a cheap bastard you really are.

People write me with questions from time to time and instead of answering them personally, I'm going to start posting some of the better questions (and answers) here.

  • How many teams in each division go to the playoffs? (I was thinking it would be the top 3 or 4 teams in each division) That depends on how many teams are in the league, whether it's the summer league, whether or not there's a Gold/Silver conference, etc. To answer your specific question....32 teams this season. Top 5 in each division plus 2 wild cards (teams in good standing (no forfeits) with the next highest point totals).
  • What makes an individual player eligible for the MVP recognition at the end of the season? (does their team have to go to the playoffs?)  Every team gets at least one MVP plaque. The idea behind this is that each team, regardless of where they finish the season has some kind of award. It is usually the person on your team that has the highest average on your team and has played the minimum number of games BUT......the team captain has the option of awarding that plaque to anyone that he/she feels should be the MVP for their team regardless of their average or the number of games played as long as they let me know before the end of the season. It doesn't even have to be a member of your team (bar ownere, a fan that cheers your team on every week, etc.).
  • Does every team that goes to the playoffs get a recognition plaque for their home bar? (or is it only the top 3 teams in the playoffs?)  The top 3 teams in each division get plaques for their placement in their division.
  • What are the other recognition plaques that are given out by the league? There are plaques for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place players in each division based on the individual standings. There's also a plaque for the most runouts/eight-ball-on-breaks in the league. There's a league leather jacket for the top individual player in the league. There's also a Double Elimination tournament at the end of the season where you can win league jackets.

Fall 2007 Season
Final Standings are posted via the link on the left under "Past Seasons"
Congratulations to Pool House {CC} for finishing in 1st place and Papa Doc's {A} for finishing in 2nd place.
Note that these 2 teams have changed sponsorship for the Winter 2008 Season. Pool House {CC} is now playing out of Bongo's and Papa Doc's {A} is now playing as Pool House {NTZ}.

Double Elimination Tournament
The Double Elimination Tournament was be held at The Pool House on Sunday January 13 at 2:00 PM.
Congratulations to the winner, Sal Garcia from Pool House {CC}. Finishing in 2nd place was Gary (G-Money) from Papa Doc's {B} and in 3rd place was Jim Rago from Point Break

Changes in the new season - please note well
There are going to be some major changes in the upcoming season. First of all, Richie (owner of the Pool House) is the new owner of the Nassau Bar Pool League. Laura and I will continue to support the league under his direction and hopefully be able to expand and improve it. 
After much discussion with Richie, the following changes are being made:
In the interest of recruiting new teams, each "team" will be responsible for chipping-in $12.00 each week to the bar that they're playing at to help pay the expense of the table. We're sure that many of you will balk at having to pay to play pool but it's the only way that we can have any chance of expanding the league. While the league fees haven't really gone up in the past few years, other expenses have gone up. Basically, it works out to about $23 per home game for league fees. Add to that about $20 for a couple of pizzas (or whatever other food the bar provides). Add on another $27 to $36 for the cost of the pool table and it comes to about $75 on average that the bar has to pay out for your team  each home game that you play. I can tell you from experience that it's very difficult to talk any bar owner into the concept of shelling out $75 to have 10 people in his/her bar on a Wed night (some of whom might not spend a dime). Bottom line is that if we can advertise this league for $50 or less per night, we'll have a better chance of recruiting new teams (and keeping the ones that are already in the league). More teams, less travel, ability to afford a gold conference, etc.
Now to put this into perspective, on a team with only 4 players, each player would have to chip-in $3.00 (to the bar, not the league) every time they play. $3.00 per week for 14 weeks works out to $42.00 for the entire season. Chump change, really. And if you have more than 4 players on your team, it works out to even less.
Other Rule Changes: 
The rule about losing a point for not calling-in the scores will take effect this season.
If you forfeit your last away game of the season, you will be ineligible for the playoffs or any awards.
"The league reserves the right to change/create any rule at any time during the season at our own discretion or whenever it seems appropriate or just because we feel like it." (we're going to call it the "Harry" rule)

Posted 10/16/07
Cue Sticks & Supplies - I keep forgetting to post a link to this site. One of the guys that used to play in the league (Teddy from what used to be Theo's and most recently O'Donoghue's) runs an e-Bay site where he sells Cue's, Cases and Accessories. He's local to our area (Freeport, I think) and he'll work with you if you mention that you learned of his store here on the web site. Link posted temporarily below and permanently on the right sidebar.

Posted 9/29/07

Still not getting all the scores called in. The new rule will be made up this week, Mailed out on Week #4 and go into effect on Week #5.
How it might read :
The winning team is responsible for calling in the scores by 6:00 PM on the Thursday following the match. If the scores are not called in by the winning team within the prescribed time, they will forfeit one point from their total score. If the losing team called in the score within the prescribed time (even though it is not their duty to do so) and the winning team failed to call in the score, the losing team will be awarded that point. For the first infraction of this rule, I will waive it if you call to cry and whine that you didn't know about it. After the first infraction, crying and whining will get you nowhere..

Posted 9/22/07
Well that last post did prompt a few phone calls (and some support on imposing a penalty for not calling-in scores). Obviously, the people that access this website are more involved with what's going on in the league. Those that only get what the bar disseminates of the stuff that's mailed to the bar are pretty much left in the dark. That's unfortunate but there's not a lot that I can do about it.
I run into people every season (that have been playing in the league for years) that don't know there is a web site. Do me a favor (for those of you that can). Print out a copy of the latest standings and individual stats before you go to your match on Wednesday and leave the copies in plain sight of the other team. If asked where you got them, just let them know.

Posted 9/20/07

This whole concept of calling in scores must be too difficult for some people to fathom. I'm still missing scores from week #1 (meaning that they didn't mail the scoresheets in either). I hate having to add more rules (especially mid-season) but the only way to get the "point" across is to have the winning team forfeit a point for not calling in their scores. Be on the lookout for the wording of the new rule here and in the envelopes within the next couple of weeks.

Posted 9/15/07
Registrations again this season (as are all seasons) was a nightmare. Before going on, my thanks to the few of you that did register on time. For the rest, there will be some changes next season. This "I thought I had 2 teams but I only have one"; "I know it's Monday and we're starting on Wed but I forgot to register"; "You know I always have a team, why didn't you just put me in?", etc., etc. has got to (and will) stop. You wonder why the schedules aren't out until the last minute? It's because of things like the above. Once I have a solid number of teams (divisible by 8) it literally takes me about an hour to get the schedules calculated. If everyone were to actually register (and register the number of teams that they really do have) by the registration deadline, I'd have the entire season schedule done, posted on-line and mailed a week before the season started. The problem (well at least one of them) with this league is that we've gotten too "friendly" with the registration process. People assume that I'll know that they have a team (or maybe even two), Had I done that this season, I'd have scheduled Bongos, R.C. Dugans & Rigby's this season and yet none of them have a team. Of course if I neglected to put them in and they did indeed have a team, I'd be the bad guy for leaving them out. 
For the record....the Winter 2008 Season will start on January 16th. If you're not registered (and paid in full) by January 9th, you won't get in. Period!!!
I've already posted the Winter 2008 Registration Forms via a link on the left so there isn't any excuse to not get it and the fees in on time for next season. 
Soapbox time.....I did enjoy running this league years ago and when I had 128 teams, I did make some extra money on it. With only 48 teams in the league and with the expenses of awards, jackets, tournaments, printing costs, postage, etc., I'll be lucky if I make a grand this season (which will help offset losing a few hundred on this last summer season). The money that I do make on the league is definitely not worth the aggravation (especially the registration nightmare) to make it worth my while. Add to that that I still have the task of going out and collecting registration fees from a lot of the bars that haven't paid yet (and some of them will require a second (and possibly a third) visit). 

Posted -  9/11/07
Note that only the first few weeks of the full league schedule that was posted here last night (9/10/07) were correct. The last 2/3rds of the schedule were incorrect. If you did happen to print it, please discard it.
As of 9:00 this evening, I was able to fill the last division so all of the schedules in Division #6 have been changed. As of this evening, I believe that between Laura and myself, we've contacted all of the teams via phone, voicemail and/or e-mail to let everyone know where they are playing
NEW!!! There is a link to the left that will give you access to all of the individual schedules. Just click the link, select the team you want and print out the schedule(s) that you need.
Not new but I'm not sure that everyone knows it's there....There's a link to the left named "Address List". On that web page is a list of all the bars participating in the league. If you click on the bar name, you'll be taken to a Google map that will show you exactly where the selected bar is. From within that map you can click the "Get directions To Here", put in whatever address you're at and get detailed directions to the bar.

Posted 9/10/07 ..... Finally !!!!! At the 11th hour (literally)!!! The nightmare is "almost" over.
The 47th team was added at 11:30 tonight (I do still need one more team to fill division #6).
The team that has the "bye" in that division this week is the team that called to register on Friday night with 2 teams and when I called to verify on Sunday they really only had one. Well at least that problem was offset by another team that had registered 1 team but really had 2 and forgot to tell me. The above only scratches the surface of what goes on during the registration process (if you can call it a process).
I am hoping to get another team to fill the "bye" spot so if anyone knows of a team (or some players wanting to form a team), please let me know.

Enough of my rambling.....Schedules are posted (click the link on the left). 
If you do view your schedule here, please send me an e-mail to let me know and save me (and/or Laura) the phone call.

Bar Links

Inside Pool Magazine

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3D Billiards


Fall 2007 Welcome Letter
The Fall 2007 Season �WILL� start on Wednesday, September 12th. 
Team packages are being delivered today thru Wed

My apologies for not having the schedules included in the team packages but due to some late registrations and not having enough teams to fill the last division made it impossible to get it out on time. A few teams that I expected to play didn�t have enough players (and are joining established teams) and I have a few new teams just getting into the league. As of Sun night I still had 3 openings. As of today (Monday), I still have one more spot to fill. Thank you for your patience and many thanks to those of you that did register on time. 

Please note that the season schedule will not be mailed until after the 1st week of the season. Laura or myself will contact each team individually before Wednesday (9/12/07) to let you know where you�ll be playing your first match. You will be able to access the schedules on the web site at any time after Monday night (9/10/07) http://nbpl.home.att.net

Included in the team packages are a copy of the rules, 8 scoresheets and 8 prestamped/preaddressed envelopes to mail the completed scoresheets back to the league. Please keep these in the bar so that they don�t get lost. Note that the home team is supposed to supply a scoresheet and an envelope for each match but the winning team is supposed to take the completed scoresheet and the envelope and mail it in (along with calling in the score.

Team and Individual standings will be available on the website and will always be more up-to-date than what you receive in the mail. That is, of course, if the winning teams remember to call-in their scores and mail-in the scoresheets. If everyone were to actually call in their scores by the Thursday following the match, I could have the updated standings posted that evening. 

Wishing you all an enjoyable season,

John & Laura

Summer 2007 Season
Team Standings for Week #10 posted (FINAL)
Individual Standings for Week #10 (Final)

Click HERE (or the link to the left)

Final Playoffs between Pool House {1} & St. Stephen's {1} 
was won by St. Stephen's {1}