*** Winter 2020 Season***
NOTICE to ALL Teams & Players
Regardless of the State Mandate requiring all bars within the NY State to remain closed indefinitely after 8:00 PM tonight with the exception of take-out orders, we were going to postpone all matches indefinitely anyway out of safety concerns for all of the players in the league.
We will keep you updated regularly both here and via group text messages as to the status of the remainder of the season which we hope to someday continue soon but in the meantime, stay home as much as possible, stay out of crowded areas, save toilet paper (it might be used for money someday) and do whatever else you need to, to survive.
For anyone that's interested, I've created a "Club" named "L.I.P.L." on "8-Ball Miniclip Pool".
It's an App for smartphones and also available on Facebook.
If you're interesting in joining for some fun, I've limited it to league members only.
Winter 2020 Season Team Standings Week #6
Team & Individual
Standings Posted
Weekly League Play
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Further Notice

PDF Schedules Below
Gentry's {Dave}
Tack Room {B.O.B.}
Daytona's {Don}
Broadway 247 {Jenn}
Public House {Wayne}
Whiskey Red's
Tack Room {Billy}
Daytona's {John}
Broadway 247 {Scott}
Public House {Tim}

Schedule & Scores
Individual Stats/Team
  Top 25 Div #1 Top 25 Men / Women   ** Printable Scoresheets **
Congratulations to Tack Room {B.O.B} on winning the Fall 2019 Season over Broadway 247 {Jenn}.
It was a great match that went down to the last game of Doubles before the Tack Room squeaked out the win.
          Captains Meeting Notes
It was pointed out that there was some confusion as to the 8-Ball Clear Shot rule. It will be amended to state that "if you have a clear shot at the 8 Ball, it has to be the first ball hit before striking any other balls".
Coaching was a big issue of concern at the meeting, a vote taken with no negative votes and the rules will be amended to read that no coaching or time-outs are allowed during any games. While a player is waiting for his/her opponent to shoot, that player may talk to or consult quietly with any or all of his/her team members away from the table and so as not to distract the shooter. As soon as the shooter has finished his torn at the table, conversation ceases and the player is to return to that table immediately to continue the game.
For the 1st infraction during the match (any of the 18 games) there will be a warning. The 2nd and any subsequent infractions will result in a foul and penalties for that foul will be in accordance with the Foul rules (typically loss of turn for the 1st consecutive foul if a foul count hasn't already been started)
Season length was another issue along with the seeding of the teams. There was a mixed vote on doing the scheduling by pulling the teams out of a hat as opposed to regional seeding. I don't have an issue with either. As far as having longer seasons, it would allow each team to play every other team twice during the season but is dependent on the number of teams participating.
Note: as it turned out for this season, we only have one division of ten teams so it will be a longer 18 week season after all, no switching divisions mid-season and you will play each and every team twice during the season (once at home and once away)
Another issue was the playoffs. It was suggested that we only have the top 2 teams in each division participate and then amended to the top two in each plus 2 wild cards based solely on points. That would cause the top 2 teams to have a "bye". We will have time to revisit that before this season ends and while I'm not averse to it, I'd like to iron out exactly how everyone wants to do it.
Having the Final playoffs at a neutral bar will be eliminated and the final match(es) will consist of a race to 21 with one match at each of the top 2 bars. In the event of a tie on the 2nd playoff night, it will be broken by 3 singles games between different players on each of the 2 teams (no player may play twice in the final 3 games)
Note: again as it turns out this season with only one division, it comes down to whether to take the top 4 or the top 8 to the playoffs. I'd like to take another vote during the season to see if we can amend that.
1) with only 4 out of 10 teams, the bottom teams can lose interest early in the season and likely start to forfeit.
2) with 6 that means there are two "byes" meaning an extra week for no real reason.
3) 8 leaves only 2 teams out of the playoffs and the lower scoring teams have more of a chance to beat the odds, make the playoffs and possibly win. Nothing is set in stone and we will revisit this with all involved.

That's it for now. If I left anything out or you wish to discuss anything above before the season starts, please feel free to contact me.
Week # 4 Notes
1st of all I'd like to express my dissapointment with Broadway {Scott's} team for breaking the scoring pattern this week. Every single Home Team won 14 to 7 except for yours!!! You couldn't find a way to get another 3 points?!?!
Had an 0/4 week myself this week and lost my doubles match! Ouch! We all have that bad week once in a while.
I actually lost all of those games on purpose though just so we wouldn't break the pattern (haha).
There are a few good players from that "other" league that have expressed an interest in joining almost any one of our teams this season so if you're interested in adding a good player or two, contact me on the league phone.
If anyone ever wants to submit a write-up or short little story of their team or their match to be posted each week, just let me know and send it to me on the league phone. Let's share our stories here.
Free League Advertisements (Click Here)
As a free service to all past & present league players, I'm offering a place for you to advertise whatever services you might provide that others in the league may be in the market for. We all meet up every week (or may have done so in the past) and we probably don't have any idea that someone we've already met or played against may be able to offer a service that we've been looking to hire someone for. For myself, personally, I'd rather deal with someone that I'm familiar with instead of some random name I found in a local paper or on-line ad. It's my belief that others share the same thought . Click the link above for my 1st draft of the Pool League Ads, instructions on how to participate if you're so inclined and yes, some ads.
Congratulations to Daytona's {Don} for winning the Summer 2019 Season Finals !!!
It was a great match played at JW Dowd's and Daytona's came out victorious over Tack Room {Bob} without even having to get into the Doubles matches.
The Fall 2019 Season will start on Wed Sept 4th
*** NOTE ***
The Fall 2019 Season will begin on Wed, Sept. 4th
In order to be able to have 2 - 14 week fall/Winter Seasons along with a shortened Summer Season the season must begin on that date.
Registrations are being accepted now up until 8/28/19. If you're not registered by that date, you will not get in!
I am scheduling a Captains's Meeting on either 8/21 or 8/28 (location to be announced).
There are a number of teams from the league that split off of ours a couple of years ago that are interested in getting back into our league and I also want to go over some venue and rule changes beforehand. The proposed changes will be posted here in the coming weeks so that you'll have ample time to think about them.

As for the Summer Season that just finished........
Keep in mind that all of the work that was done making schedules, calculating team & individual stats and posting them for you was done free of charge so that those who were interested in playing during the summer months had a league to play in. As it turned out, one of the teams that started the summer season, JW Dowds, dropped out after playing only 2 games. They lost both of those games by a score of 16 to 5. Because not everyone got the opportunity to play against them, every team that suffered a forfeit got 16 points for one of their forfeits. This was done because it would have been unfair to the teams that didn't play against them and there would be complaints if I took away the 16 points from the teams that did play them and only give tyhem 11 for those games. As for roster eligibility for this summer season only, if you played during the season, you're eligible to play in the playoffs. The standard eligibility rules will apply to both the upcoming Fall & Winter Season.

Again, I do have some changes for the upcoming season that I want to discuss either at a captain's Meeting or if possible to setr up an on-line forum to discuss them there. Please check back here next week for more information.
Notes on Scoring with regard to Forfeits
No one likes to have a forfeit but they do happen. Typically other leagues will just award the team that suffered from the forfeit a set number of points because it's the easiest thing to do but it's not always fair. As an example, let's say a team played almost the entire season and lost every single week by a large margin of 15 to 6 or even worse. So every other team got 14 to 16 points against them but because they forfeited to you, you only get 11. Doesn't seem quite fair, does it.
The rules in this league with regard to forfeits is that the minimum that any team will get for a forfeit is 11 points but at the end of the season, those points will be recalculated by either a minimum of 11 points or the average of the team that was forfeited to divided by the games they played rounded to the closest whole number. This season forfeits only affected two teams so for week #4, Tack Room {Bob} had an average of 14.2 points for the 14 matches they did play and Gentry's {Steve} had an average of 12.5 (rounded to 13) for the 14 matches they played. Weekly scores and totals have been adjusted to reflect these changes.
Playoffs begin this Wed 5/15
Playoff schedule is posted. We are going to try to have a short (maybe 10 week) Summer Season for any teams interested. League fees are waived for the Summer Season but there will be no money awards either.
We're running the Summer League just to allow those that want to play to have an opportunity to do so.
If you're interested in participating, please let me or Laura know as soon as possible sothe we can get it going.
While the fees are waived for the Summer season, don't join unless you're certain that you can play all of the matches.
Again, please text a pic of the scoresheet to (631) 835-4922 and your scores/stats will be updated on here typically by Thursday afternoon.
You can text them to both Laura & I  if you'd like but if you don't include me at the number above, there's no guarantee I'll get them in time to update the website by Thu evening.
*** WEEKLY NOTES - 4/10/19 ***
Just a point of interest on the scoring for forfeits and playoffs.
Public House 106 suffered a forfeit this week against Tack Room{Bob}
From what I understand someone got last minute tickets to the Islander game so it's understandable as to why they forfeited and hopefully they'll have enough players for their next match.
Whenever there's a forfeit, the team that was ready to play will 'temporarily' be awarded 11 points for the match. That's the minimum that they'll receive for any forfeit regardless. At the end of the season. that 11 points will be adjusted based on the best outcome of either their own teams average or the average of the forfeiting team. Yes. It's one of the many rules that we have and you don't need to be overly concerned with it but it's there to try to be fair to everyone.
As it would stand right now, TR Bob's average for the 10 games that they did play would be 13.3 so if all stays the same, at the end of the season, that 11 points would be adjusted to 13 points. Looking at it from the other direction, for the 5 games that PH 106 did actually play, they got 54 points for an average of 7.7 points per week meaning that the teams that played against them got an average of 13.3 points per match.
The main reason that I don't adjust the scores each week is only because it would be a nightmare to figure out all of the adjustments which would likely change on a weekly basis (although I'm looking at modifying my program to do it automatically).
Now where the playoffs are concerned, let's imagine for a minute that this was the last week of the season.
TR {Bob} has 144 points & Barley House {Tim} has 147. When the scores are finally adjusted they would both have 147 points so if they were scheduled to play each other in the playoffs it would seem like they should both be entitled to a "Home" match but if you were to dig deeper, one has 147 while the other has 147.3
Again, nothing to be concerned about for now but I just wanted to give you a heads up as to why that rule is there and how it's implemented. The bottom line for this (and most of the other rules in the league) are based on trying to keep things fair to all involved and consistent from one season to the next.
There is a method to my madness. Have fun, play to win, get home safe and don't get home too late. That's all that really matters.
Notes on the schedule. Seeing as a couple of teams decided to create their own schedule in the beginning of the season, I had to jury rig the rest of the schedule to make it work. I'm not complaining. The league started on time, the matches were played and all is good with the world.
Some people did express their displeasure that I had switched some teams around this season but I did so only because when I was done creating the original schedule it was exactly the same as the season before and I wanted to get the teams some exposure to different bars and teams.
Well, as things would have it and since I had to redo the entire season schedule because of the 1st week, I took the time to adjust the schedule, switching teams between divisions so that every team will play against at least 3 teams from the other division along with the 5 in your own division. No. It's not perfect but it does offer some more diversity. Every team still has at least 7 home games out of the 15 scheduled but unfortunately you may have a group of 3 home or 3 away games in a row.
While I'm still going to keep the individual stats based on divisions, since everyone will be playing cross division at some point, the playoffs this season will be the top 8 teams based on point total instead of the top 4 in each division.
Just a side note while I gloat a little but we ended our last season on 12/26.
That other league ended their last season on 1/9 (just 2 weeks later). We started this new season on 1/30.
We're already 6 weeks into this season and they just started theirs this week!!!
Note to All
The Stats posted here are only as accurate and timely as the scoresheets that you send me.
All scoresheets should be sent directly to (631) 835-4922
That is a special number set up specifically for receiving the scoresheets and so that you can get in touch with me on league night (or anytime for that matter) with any issues that you might have.

While you may also want to send them to Laura too, if you don't include me at the number above, I won't get them for a few days after you send them which is why there are only 2 scores posted at this time.
Check back on Saturday night and whetever scores I've received by then will be added on but for the future, if you send your scoresheets directly to me at the above number, I can have the stats updated on here usually by Thursday night (Friday the latest). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Scoresheet Blanks
You can access and print blank scoresheets
The "Shitty" 8-Ball Rule
Well this is how it was described to me last evening by one of the players in the league who had called regarding something other than that rule. What the player did say was that "sometimes it works in your favor while sometimes it doesn't".
What they were referring to is the part of that rule that states that if you don't have a clear shot and you miss, your opponent gets 'ball in hand'.
Yes. It is a 'shitty' rule but it's there because of 'shitty' players that we've had in the past. There was a time long ago when if you played against just about anyone in a bar on Long Island that you played by what were called "Long Island Rules".
An unwritten part of the rules was that you played to win and if you did something like purposely hide your opponent from being able to hit the 8-ball you'd be ostracized from the bar and probably called a lot of names in the process.
Playing to win is a very difficult concept to develop rules around because you have this little thing called "intent". If you took a shot and through no fault (intent) of your own your opponent couldn't hit the 8-ball, your opponent lost the game. No harm, no foul, so to speak.
But then you have those that will opt to purposely hide you from being able to hit the 8-ball so they can win the match because of it. While technically there's nothing wrong with that, it does indeed cause animosity towards the player doing it and we try to do our best in this league to try to make it enjoyable to all. When you have players that try to manipulate the rules to their advantage instead of just playing to win, it takes away from the enjoyment of playing.
To summarize, we can't (because it's impossible to) try to establish "intent" when a player takes a shot. The rule is there as kind of a compromise in an attempt to dissuade a player from winning by purposely hiding you from the 8-ball while realizing that it sometimes happens without the players meaning to do so.
A good deal of my own personal experiences have influenced many of the rules in this league and while impossible to do so, my 'intent' is always to try to make them as fair as possible to all involved and prevent in advance whatever altercations between players that I can.
The bottom line in all of this is that if I can redirect your animosity towards the league for making up a 'shitty' rule as opposed to you being angry at an opponent for hiding you on the the 8-ball, then it's served it's purpose.
In playing a game myself, I get more satisfaction out of winning because I shot a better game than you did as opposed to winning only because I knew or manipulated a rule better than you.
Just my 2 cents.  
The Right Way to Do It !!!!!

So last week there was an issue with interpreting the rule as to how many times a player could shoot in each round. This happened because the captain of the Bwy 247 team had initially told his own players that when you have 5 people, no one could shoot twice. He did that because he wanted to make sure all of his own players would get a chance to shoot when they had more than 4 players. There's nothing wrong with a captain making up his own rules for his own players but he wasn't at the match last week against Blue Hawaiian and a couple of his players thought that it was a league rule. It's not, obviously.
Well things got a little testy between the teams and let's just say that they weren't looking forward to their next match with each other because of the issues they had last week.
Last night the captain of Bwy 247, Cory, and one of his players stopped down at Blue Hawaiian before their match to have a beer, buy a round of drinks for Blue Hawaiian's players and clear the air about what happened last week. Lisa from Blue Hawaiian texted me last night that she thought it was really cool of them to stop down to do what they did and that "everything is peachy again". In Lisa's own words regarding Cory....."Very nice move on his part, standup dude"
I'd like to add that Laura and I are also very appreciative of what Cory did to resolve this situation so that we don't have any issues going forward and now both of these teams can look forward to an enjoyable match when they meet again later on in the season.

WEEKLY NOTES - 3/27/19
Just a little "rules" note so that everyone understands how things are done.
As it so happened this week, one team played with only 3 players and their opponent allowed them to play the games out so they wouldn't forfeit them.
Obviously the team captains agreed to amend the minimum player rules for this match and I have no problems with that at all. The rules state that they can be amended by mutual agreement of the team captains.
The only dilema is with scoring the individual stats since all of the other players in the league are limited to 4 singles games per night and it wouldn't be fair to allow any other player to have more than the minimum number of games included with their stats.
In scoring the individuals for a player that played more than the maximum 4 games, any games that they would have been ineligible to play by the rules will not be counted regardless if they're won/lost. Example: A player plays 2 games in the 1st set, 2 in the 2nd and one in the 3rd. The 2nd game of the 2nd set is the one that won't be counted for them. That game will be scored as "Ineligible". Any games played against those players ineligible games will count though.
Also note that if you win any game by forfeit, that game will not count towards your individual stats.