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Week #10

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Week #10
Playoff Schedule - Week #3
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Schedule for Updating the stats - Just to give you an idea of when to look here for updates......minor updates (a score here and there) are updated when I get them but the major updates will be as follows:
Thursday (eve) - Preliminary Team Standings (only from the scores that are called in). Not verified.
Saturday (eve) - Team Standings (scores that are called in verified manually against the scoresheets that were received)
Tuesday (eve) - Individual standings for the week just played.
Note: What's posted on this site will always be more up-to-date than what you'll get in the mail at the bar.

Note: I've moved the polls from the main page to this one as only the players in the league have access to this page. Please take the time to take part in the polls as I use this information to try to make improvements to the league. This league isn't bound by some overseeing authority as many of the other leagues are. If a 2/3rds majority feels that something should be changed, I'll make every effort to make the change. Based on  previous polls, Calcutta was eliminated from the Double Elimination Tournament and the coaching rule was amended to allow limited coaching. If you want to view the results of the previous polls, Click Here.
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