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Note that all the sheets (especially the last week) aren't in. Since this is a short Summer Season and this is the 1st time that we're trying the texting in scoresheets deal, I'm not going to disqualify anyone but please take note...for the Fall (and any following) seasons, if I'm missing a sheet for any week, your teams individual standings will not be posted. Both teams take a pic. Both teams text it in. Both teams save the pic till the end of the season in the event it gets lost. It's very simple and it's very easy.

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Double Elimination Tournament Playoff Results
Summer 2015 Season Notes

Trying to get back on track so that every Fall Season will always begin on the first Wed after Labor Day and run for 14 weeks followed by another 14 week Winter Season and then a full 10 Week Summer season. What makes things difficult, besides that fact that sometimes holidays fall on Wednesdays is the number of weeks that it takes to run the playoffs. Now this Summer Season ends on 8/19 and the start of the Fall Season is only two weeks after that so..... playoffs for this Summer Season will be via a Double Elimination Tournament to take place on a Wed 8/26, at a bar to be determined later, between the top 1 or 2 players (or team captains choice) from each of top 16 teams (by total point score). Yes. This is different. It is out of the ordinary. It is necessary to get the Fall Season started on time so that the 40 or so (hopefully more) teams don't have to wait an extra 3 weeks while only a handful of teams are finishing their playoffs.