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Please note that there have been some rule changes. I will explain them shortly but the main one that you need to be concerned about now is the one regarding scoresheets. It is the responsibility of both teams to take a pic of the scoresheet at the end of the match and text it to (631) 944-2792. You can text that pic at any time of the day or night. It is also both teams responsibility to save that pic on their phone until the end of the season in the event that one of them gets lost in transmission, etc. If I'm missing even one sheet for a team at the end of the season, your individual stats will NOT be counted.
If you wish to text me on that phone, I will do my best to get back to you but if you have a problem during a match, call Laura as you used to do on (631) 921-5582
As of now for this season we only have 32 teams. I'm probably going to try to get a 10 week season started 4 weeks from now to try to bring some new teams in. I'm also going to work on lowering the cost of playing in a season to attract new teams. You can help with that by printing your own scoresheets when you need them (there's a link on the main page) and texting me the pics after the match (and saving the postage, envelopes, etc.).