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Fall 2017 Season - Scores, Standings, Statistics & Schedules

The Winter Season will begin at the end of January. Because there's another league that sprouted up, I need to insure that we have an even number of teams for this upcomimng season so that no teams will suffer through having "bye's" on their schedule. In order to insure that you can get a spot on our league and not get stuck with long travel distances, I need to get your contact information. Please either e-mail me at or call/text me at (516) 835-1058 as soon as possible.
Something New
If you follow the link HERE you'll be taken to a page that lists ALL of the players from ALL of the teams that are currently playing this season.
Yet another place where you can see how your players are doing and what scoresheets you haven't submitted yet.
Individual Stats are posted up through Week #12. If we don't have your scoresheets, we can't post your individual stats.
The easy way to check to see if we ever received your scoresheet is to check the "Schedule & Scores" link above.
If your score is missing there, not only don't we have your scoresheet, but no one called in the scores either.
If your scores are highlighted in green, we have your scoresheet. If your scores are not highlighted, we do NOT have your scoresheet for that week.
Please find it, take a pic and send it to Laura ASAP!

Trying something new here. I'd like to give all the opportunity to comment, criticise, suggest or just discuss issues with the league in an effort to improve it and make it better for all.
Just click on "Comments" above and you'll be taken to the Comments page.
It will allow Anonymous comments but if I don't know who you are, I might just delete them and not reply.
While it seems to want you to log in with Facebook, Twitter or whatever, just check the "Guest" box and for name, please enter just your 1st name and team affiliation.