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  *** Summer 2018 Season***
*** Notice ***
The start of the Fall 2018 Season has been postponed until next Wed, Sept 12th.
My apologies for not posting this sooner but a number of teams from the league that split off from ours have expressed an interest in returning and I'm trying to get some concrete answers as to who and how many and I also don't want any teams to be left out.
As soon as I can finalize everything, I'll post the schedules here but in the meantime, please accept our apologies and I do appreciate your patience.
Summer 2018 Season Team Standings Final
1st 4 Teams will playoff next week. Schedule to be posted.
New Season starts on 9/5 18
Schedule & Scores
Individual Stats by Team
Top 25 Div #1   Top 25 Men / Women *** Printable Scoresheets ***
Because of weather related and other issues the league seasons had gotten out of whack and needed to be fixed. When the last Winter season ended there just wasn't enough time to run a full Summer season and still be able to start the Fall Season on time (typically the 1st Wed after Labor Day). That was why we offered this 9 week season free of charge so that we could get things back on track again. Our apologies that it wasn't run like a typical season but that's why we offered it for free to give those that wanted the opportunity to play to be able to do so.
So where we are now is that we are definitely starting the Fall Season on Sept 5th (please confirm with Laura or myself that you want to be included), the Winter Season will start just after the new year and we should have time to run a full Summer season next year.
The top 4 teams for this season are eligible for the playoffs.
Gentry's {Steve} will be playing at Tack Room {Bob} and Kiley's {Tim} will be playing at the Crazy Jester's this week, August 29th.
The final match will be at the bar with the most points and will take place in conjunction with the start of the new season. What that means is that the 2 teams that win next week will start the new season in the same division and that tournament match will also be the 1st week of the new Fall season.
Awards will be $300 for the winning team and $100 for the 2nd place team.
The award money is out of our own pocket as we didn't collect any fees for this season so please keep your complaints to a minimum.
For the new Fall (and future) Seasons we will be awarding Trophies/Plaques along with monetary awards. Details to be posted at the start of the new season.
Thank you all for your participation in the league. I also want to commend all of you for getting the scoresheets to me in a timely manner. It made it easier for me to get the stats done and get them posted no later than the Thu following the match.
Again, the new Season starts on Sept 5th. Please contact Laura or myself (preferrably text or e-mail) to confirm that you want to participate.
Free League Advertisements (Click Here)
As a free service to all past & present league players, I'm offering a place for you to advertise whatever services you might provide that others in the league may be in the market for. We all meet up every week (or may have done so in the past) and we probably don't have any idea that someone we've already met or played against may be able to offer a service that we've been looking to hire someone for. For myself, personally, I'd rather deal with someone that I'm familiar with instead of some random name I found in a local paper or on-line ad. It's my belief that others share the same thought . Click the link above for my 1st draft of the Pool League Ads, instructions on how to participate if you're so inclined and yes, some ads.
Again, please text a pic of the scoresheet to (631) 835-4922 and your scores/stats will be updated on here typically by Thursday afternoon.
If you don't include the above number when sending them, they won't be updated until Saturday or possibly later.
Note to All
The Stats posted here are only as accurate and timely as the scoresheets that you send me.
All scoresheets should be sent directly to (631) 835-4922
That is a special number set up specifically for receiving the scoresheets and so that you can get in touch with me on league night (or anytime for that matter) with any issues that you might have.

While you may also want to send them to Laura too, if you don't include me at the number above, I won't get them for a few days after you send them which is why there are only 2 scores posted at this time.
Check back on Saturday night and whetever scores I've received by then will be added on but for the future, if you send your scoresheets directly to me at the above number, I can have the stats updated on here usually by Thursday night (Friday the latest). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Scoresheet Blanks
You can access and print blank scoresheets