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As a free service to all past & present league players, I'm offering a place for you to advertise whatever services you might provide that others in the league may be in the market for. We all meet up every week (or may have done so in the past) and we probably don't have any idea that someone we've already met or played against may be able to offer a service that we've been looking to hire someone for. For myself, personally, I'd rather deal with someone that I'm familiar with instead of some random name I found in a local paper or on-line ad. It's my belief that others share the same thought . Click the link above for my 1st draft of the Pool League Ads, instructions on how to participate if you're so inclined and yes, some ads.
Again, please text a pic of the scoresheet to (631) 835-4922 and your scores/stats will be updated on here typically by Thursday afternoon.
If you don't include the above number when sending them, they won't be updated until Saturday or possibly later.
The "Irreconcilable Differences" Rule - buried within all of the rules in this league is this rarely used rule. Well it was used this season and without getting into the details of who or why, I want to bring it to everyone's attention in the event it ever happens again. Basically, if one team/bar has an issue with another team/bar and they feel that a fight/altercation might ensue, the league, without getting involved in the bowels of the dispute will consider any future matches between the teams/bars as a "Double Forfeit" meaning both teams will get 10 points for the match. If we believe that an altercation between bars/teams might get physical, we will do our best  to try to resolve the situation and if unsuccessful will keep the bar/teams apart so that no confrontation will occur.
Now keep in mind that when this happens, the bar that made the initial complaint is obviously on notice that this is a one time accomodation and that using it on multiple bars/teams during a season or in subsequent seasons would definitely raise a red flag that maybe the fault lies with them and not the bar/team that they're complaining about.
As it turns out in this particular incident, the bar that had the complaint registered against them was absolutely relentless in their complaint that we took sides against them and it wasn't fair to them or their teams and is now spreading rumors that we purposely did this in order to benefit other teams at their expense. I can assure you that was not the case. I personally play in a different league altogether so it's of no benefit to me which teams play, make the playoffs or win in the finals.
I volunteer my services to the league to create and update the stats and the web page because it gives me something to do. I don't collect a dime of any of the fees that you pay to the league. Laura handles all of that.
It's unfortunate but the end result of this incident is that two teams were dropped from further league play in this and future seasons. It's not a rule that we like to see used and will do our best to reconcile the situation which I attempted to do by going out to talk to the bar owners involved. If it ever happens to your bar/team, accept the fact that we don't want to get involved in your dispute and we will do our best resolve it amicably but if we can't, just accept that both teams will get their 10 points for the "Double Forfeit" and move on.
Note to All
The Stats posted here are only as accurate and timely as the scoresheets that you send me.
All scoresheets should be sent directly to (631) 835-4922
That is a special number set up specifically for receiving the scoresheets and so that you can get in touch with me on league night (or anytime for that matter) with any issues that you might have.

While you may also want to send them to Laura too, if you don't include me at the number above, I won't get them for a few days after you send them which is why there are only 2 scores posted at this time.
Check back on Saturday night and whetever scores I've received by then will be added on but for the future, if you send your scoresheets directly to me at the above number, I can have the stats updated on here usually by Thursday night (Friday the latest). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Opening Season Note
As I'm sure that you all know another league started last season and took on many of the South Shore Teams.
In one way, it's good because none of our teams will have to travel to East Rocakaway and beyond but it's bad in that it splits resources that could better serve the league's teams/players as a whole.
I personally know the person running that league and many of the reasons that it came to be. I have great respect for Richie, the league that he's running and the reasons that he started that league so I will never say anything bad about him, his league or the teams/players in that league.
What I will try to do since I'm now retired and have a lot of excess time on my hands is to run the best league that I can in the hopes of someday merging with them or attrracting them (and maybe some of the APA teams) back to our league. In order to do that, I'll be providing accurate & timely updates to this webpage to keep you current on your team and individual standings and provide things that other league(s) just can't do yet.
On the links below you can access a copy of the League Scoresheet to print out for your matches.
Also included below is a link so that you can print out an individualized schedule for your team. Not even the APA, BCA or any other leagues can do that yet.
Finally, I've set up a special phone number for you to contact me if necessary and to be able to text a pic of your completed scoresheets to me so that I can update them in a timely manner. By timely I mean that if I can get all of the scoresheet pics by the Thursday following your match, I'll update all of the standings by Friday evening at the latest.
Also, please note that you can call me on that phone on match night with any issues that you might have or call/text me any other time to discuss anything that you want regarding the league, rules, comments, suggestions, etc.
I'm also going to rewrite the rules to make them more concise, easier to understand and give detailed explanations of why they were instituted.
Again, please feel free to call me at (631) 835-4922 with anything you wish to discuss (or complain about) and help me to make this league the best that it can be and enjoyable for all our participants.

Scoresheet Blanks
You can access and print blank scoresheets
*** An Observation  *** I played in the South Shore Tavern League tournament last week and made an observation on why I don't like the "ball-in-hand" after every foul rule that they (and the APA) have. 
Again, nothing detrimental to the league, owners, players, etc., but some of their rules, this one in particular, highlight one of the major differences in the leagues. The tournament was well run, organized and everyone had a good time. My compliments to Richie & F
ran for doing an exemplary job running the tournament (I know, firsthand, how difficult they can be to run).
Our league was designed around the premise of "playing to win" without handicaps and our rules, while sometimes going off the deep end, are geared towards that premise. 
In the 1st game that I played last night, the situation evolved where I had 2 balls left (fairly hidden) and my opponent had 4. My opponent had a dead, no angle, shot on one of her balls just a couple of inches from a side pocket. I fully expected her to do what I would have done in that situation and sink the ball while trying to set up for her next shot. Instead, she called the ball in the corner pocket and then promptly sunk it directly into the side pocket, losing her turn without committing a foul and setting me up to hopefully foul on my next shot awarding her 'ball-in-hand'. 
I didn't foul and I ended up winning the game with an outrageous (IMHO) 8-ball cut shot after she tried hiding me again but my point is, that's not how I grew up playing this game!!! 
If you want to play in a league with the 'old school - play to win' mentality, stick with our league. 
If your goal is simply to win by forcing your opponent to foul to give you a 'ball-in-hand' advantage every chance you can, then you're better off playing in another league.