Nassau Bar Pool League

P.O. Box 121

Bellmore, NY 11710

(516) 213-4482





About the League

The Nassau Bar Pool League has been in operation for nearly 18 years now on Wednesday nights with a base of over 60 teams playing out 40+ bars in the county of Nassau.

·        We’re inexpensive (our $160 registration fee is less than what some other leagues charge);

·        Our rules are simple (we play basic “Long Island Rules” with some minor modifications);

·        Travel distances are kept at a minimum during the regular season;

·        All matches are played on Wednesday evening (except for the last couple of playoff matches);

·        Team and Individual standings are mailed to each bar weekly and available at our web site;

·        Tournaments are held for the top players at the end of each season;

·        Minimum of 4 (max 10) players are allowed on a roster and all are eligible to play on match night;

·        Everything that you need to participate (including easy to read, full season schedules) are delivered      prior to the start of a season.

Why Sponsor a Team??

·        Bring business into the bar on what is usually a slow night (that’s why pool and dart leagues exist in the first place).

·        Attract new customers on other nights. People who would probably never visit your bar will have the opportunity to come and play there. If they like what they see, there’s always the possibility that they may come back on another night to hang out.


What are the actual costs ?

·        The registration fee that is paid to the league covers everything that you’ll need during the season.

(We even supply postage paid return envelopes to mail the completed scoresheets back to the league.)

·        There are no weekly fees or dues.

·        Participating bars are responsible for supplying a “free” table for the 18 games that are played on the night of the match. (Many of the bars that do not own their own tables usually work out deals with their vendors to minimize this cost)

·        Participating bars are also responsible for supplying some type of food (pizza, hot dogs, etc.) on match night for the players participating in the match.



·        Our next season is the Fall 2007 Season which begins on Wednesday, September 12th, 2006.

·        Registration deadline is Wednesday September 5th.

·        League Fees are $160/team


New Bar Discount

For new bars entering the league (bar’s that haven’t participated in the league for the past 3 seasons), the registration fees for your first season will be $120.00 per team.


Need more info?  Feel free to call me (John) at the number listed above or Laura at (631) 921-5582 .


Or visit our Web Site at: