Long Island Pool League
League Operators – John (631-835-4922) & Laura (631-921-5582)

As you all should already know, a number of teams, about half of them, split off into a separate league a few seasons ago. Most of the teams that split off are located in southwest Nassau County. Some of the reasons that the teams left this league were:
- Stats not being updated in a timely manner.
- Lack of trophys.
- Too expensive.
- Poor communication with the league operators.
Well, I'm happy to say that all of the above has been fixed and the teams that left should take another look at the Long Island Pool League.

Without going into too much detail, I pretty much left Laura to run this league without much help from myself because I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it and the workload took its toll on her. I've since retired, have the extra time and the expertise to upgrade my programs and to run just about any type of league smoothly and efficiently.

Before I continue, I just want to add that I currently play in the league that split off from ours because I really enjoy playing on the team that I'm on. Their sponsor opted to join the other league and rather that quit the team, I stayed with them. Let me also say that I have great respect for their league operator, Richie, who I’ve known for many years and I know that he’s doing his best to serve the bars and players in his league.

I do believe though, in my humble opinion that Laura & I can do better.


Long Island Pool League

South Shore Tavern League


$125.00 /Season

$125.00 / Season


Cash $500 for 1st Place, $300 for 2nd Place
In addition we will be awarding Team Trophies and/or Plaques to the top 3 Teams in each division along with Individual plaques for the top players in each division.

Trophies only for the top 2 teams in the league.

Season Length

We will typically try to have 2 – 14 weeks Seasons along with a shortened 10 week Summer Season each year. Any tournaments or awards presentations will be held on a Sun and the final match of the playoffs may also be held on a Sun to allow the rest of the league more matches.

I’m not sure how they’ll schedule their seasons going forward but by holding an awards ceremony on a Wed, a Tournament on a Wed and taking up 2 Wednesdays for the final match of the playoffs, I don’t believe they’ll be able to fit 3 Seasons / year into their schedule.


Still the same rules that a number of bars in the area still use as their "bar rules". We are making the addition of having "Ball-in-Hand" after the 2nd consecutive foul to make the games go quicker.

"Ball-in-Hand" after every foul. While this makes the games go quicker, it's not the bar rules that most of us, especially the old timers, are used to and it lends itself to making game play more defensive than offensive. Better that you make a shot that forces your opponent to not have one than just trying to make a difficult shot yourself.


3 sets of 5 Singles games and 1 set of 3 Doubles matches. 21 points total. 2 players are allowed to play twice in the Doubles Games

3 sets of 5 Singles games and 1 set of 2 Doubles games. No player is allowed to play twice in either of the Doubles Games


Posted on the league website typically the day after the match. Includes individual stats for all players on all teams, the top 25 players in each division and overall and the top 25 men & women in the league. (Any errors or corrections that need to be made will usually be done the same day and posted on the webpage for verification)

E-mailed to the team captains usually by the Sunday or Monday following the match.
Includes the Individual stats for only the players in your own division and the top few players men/women overall.
(Any errors or corrections that need to be made will only be done when the new stats are e-mailed to the captains the following week)


Sent to the league by texting a picture of the sheet from your smartphone.

Must be e-mailed to the league

Please take a look at our website and the type of Stats we keep (again to be posted on the Thu following the match) please visit the links below:

Summer 2018 Season: http://www.thepoolleague.com/123/stats_indexnew.htm

Winter 2018 Season: http://www.thepoolleague.com/2018winter/stats_indexnew.htm

Or just visit the main site: http://www.thepoolleague.com/index.htm

If you wish to register for the upcoming season, please call Laura or myself at the  numbers listed above or e-mail me at: john@thepoolleague.com


Thank you,
John Wilson