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Late Registrations

Soapbox #1 - Late Registrations

I was going to write a long drawn out complaint but I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
There are now 4 teams begging to get into the 2 open spots in Div #6.
Where were they 5 days ago when the registration deadline passed?? 
What happened to those phone messages that Laura, myself and Smitty left on whatever phone numbers we had?? 
What happened to the registration forms that were mailed out and the reminders that we kept leaving??
Who knows???

What I do know is that there are two teams this season expecting to play that aren't going to be able to.  There are a couple of new teams this season that I wouldn't have solicited to join the league if I had known these other two teams would be left out. My apologies, but it's not my fault and now it's too late.

People seem to think that just because they played last season and have been in the league for a number of years that we can automatically put them in the next season. We can NOT do that. Teams do switch bars, disband and reform and we're not always in the loop on what they're doing.

I have a program that I wrote that makes up all of the schedules in less than a minute. Printing all of the individual schedules takes about 20 minutes (I could cut that down with a faster printer). If everyone that was going to register had done it by the Wed deadline, I could have had the schedules to you by Friday. I might even have been able to post a preliminary schedule to get your feedback, complaints, etc. and made some changes before the final schedule was posted (wouldn't that be a neat concept?). It would also give me more time to make a schedule that's better for everyone.

How can we cure this??
How can you be sure that you're not one of those 2 teams that gets left out next season??
Actually, it's pretty easy. E-mail me your contact information (e-mail, home, cell, whatever). Any information that you give me will remain confidential. And not just the captains, the players too (just in case your captains PC is broke, on vacation, changed their e-mail, etc.). If something comes up where I need to get in touch with you (or your team) at least we'll have a way to do so.

If you're a player, captain or bar owner participating in this league and I don't have your e-mail address, please send it to me or Laura (click the link on the left). 

Soapbox #2 will deal with teams that don't call their scores in after a match. The league answering machine answers after the 2nd ring. The message is short. Someone on your team has to have a cell phone (and the call is free after 9:00). 
I "CAN" get the team standings on this web site by Thursday evening (if everyone calls in the scores).

P.S. Have a question, comment, complaint??? I answer all my e-mails. Feel free. that wasn't as short as I expected.


Mission Statement

My goal this year is to expand the league and recruit more teams so that I can cut the travel distances and give you more choices close to your home bar to compete against. I know that not everyone was happy with the way some of the divisions turned out but it's difficult to please everyone. There's also a lot going on behind the scenes with teams that don't get along nicely with other teams, players that are banned from certain bars, etc. (more on that in an upcoming "Soapbox" item). Add to that the fact that I couldn't finalize most of the schedule until the Sunday before the 1st match and was still making changes until the night before (read the "SoapBox" below)?!?!?! It was definitely a nightmare. 
I'll do my best this season to have myself or Laura available when you need help, especially on Wednesday evenings. I'm sure that a few people that called in their scores were a little surprised to get a real person on the phone (and quickly) when they called.
Times have changed since I ran the league 5 years ago. More and more players have access to the internet and I can assure you that the most up-to-date information can be found right here. Where possible, I'm going to try to phase out the mailings (partly to save the expense but mostly because what you'll get in the mail will have been available here a few days earlier.
I'm looking forward to working with all of you on this league to make it the best Wednesday night pool league on Long Island.

Still missing a few scores for this week. Phone calls from any cell phone are free after 9:00. Only takes 10 seconds (maybe two rings at the most) to get to me, Laura or the answering machine on pool night. Laura and I have been debating whether it would be better to have everyone on the league get cranial implants (we'll promise to only read your mind on pool night) or install surveillance cameras over each of the pool tables. Which do you think would be better????

Another Soapbox (revisited) Calling- in Scores

Again my thanks to all those that do call in their scores but it still amazes me how many people don't. For some of you it seems like you go out to play the match on Wed night and figure that I'll be able to guess how you did that night. There are some that not only don't call-in the scores but don't send the scoresheets in either. Some of these same people can't understand why their scores don't get posted either?? Go figure. 
If I had enough scores to post, I would have had them here on the site by Thu night. Now it's Fri night, I've collected all the scoresheets that were mailed in and I'm still missing scores?? 
We already have enough rules in the league but I'm seriously considering adding one next season. It would read as follows:
"If the winning team does not call-in the score to the league within 24 hours, they will lose 1 point off their total score for the match. If the losing team called in the score and the winning team didn't, the losing team will be awarded that point."